Do you find yourself helping out fellow gym-goers with their form? Or recommending the best post-workout meal for leg day? 

Why not put your passion for fitness, wellness, and health to use?

According to the salary ranges from, these are the highest-paying fitness jobs:

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Phys ed

Physical Education Teacher

Salary Range: $47,019-$50,456

Physical Education Teachers—better known as “gym teachers”—create curriculums that match the interests and abilities of their students. In some cases, the phys. ed. teacher will also serve as a health teacher, meaning they’ll be lucky enough to teach their students about the birds and the bees. A Bachelor’s degree is required.

Phys. ed. teachers for the New York City Department of Education can expect to make up to $50,500 a year.

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Physical therapy assist

Physical Therapy Assistant

Salary Range: $54,720-$62,272

PTAs work alongside PTs to assess, treat, and plan a program to be implemented for patient recovery. You’ll need an Associate’s degree along with completion of a state exam, and a license to practice. 

PTAs for Heritage Healthcare earn around $62,300 annually. 

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Health educator 728756339

Health Educator

Salary Range: $41,309-$62,276

Health Educators design and implement programs that encourage healthy behavior and prevent disease. They then provide this information to individuals and communities via workshops, conferences, and group sessions. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in education, public health, or community health.

Health Educator’s for Cigna can make up to $63,000 annually.

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Nutritionist 547016663


Salary Range: $46,329-$72,137

Nutritionists provide assessments, counseling, and education to their patients to ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in public health, nutrition, food and nutrition, and/or nutrition education and license/registration. 

A Nutritionist for Aviagen Poultry typically brings in just over $72,000 a year.

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Physical therapisr 893413144

Physical Therapist

Estimated Salary: $65,916-$72,511

PTs deliver and supervise in therapy services. They work with their team of PT assistants to develop treatments specific to each individual and reassess progress in order to plan the discharge of their patient.

PTs for Healthcare Management Systems can expect to make around $72,511 per year.

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Fitness coordinator 961289938

Fitness Manager

Salary Range: $44,660-$73,585

Fitness Managers are responsible for growing fitness revenue through the sale of fitness memberships and other fitness related products. In addition to sales, they monitor team performance, member satisfaction, and profits. They also manage personal trainers, instructors and lead trainers. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and a personal training certification is a must.

Fitness Managers for Equinox can earn nearly $74,000 per year.

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Gym manager 502279141

Fitness Director

Salary Range: $24,153–$74,255

Fitness Directors are responsible for encouraging active, social, and healthy lives. They are the head-honchos of their facility, ensuring that fitness areas remain tidy and facility members enjoy their experience. Additionally, they also oversee the development of fitness coaches, new fitness programs, and manage fitness associates.

Fitness Directors at Town Sports International can earn up to nearly $75,000 a year.

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Health club manager 681897015

Health Club Manager

Salary Range: $73,811-$81,326

Health Club Managers provide impeccable service and professionalism while maintaining and overseeing the lifestyle programming of the community, cleanliness of the facility, and performance of their staff. Understanding of health and fitness is a must, along with financial awareness.

Health Club Managers at 24 Hour Fitness can expect to make over $81,000 annually.

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Athletic training 961217898

Athletic Trainer

Salary Range: $41,290-$84,938

ATs are responsible for preventing, assessing, and treating injuries for athletes. That is—taping, bracing,stretching and making sure fitness equipment fits the athletes properly. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and proper certification for this one.

ATs for ATP Tour can earn up to $85,000 a year.



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